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The History Of Massage Therapy

Massage therapists have enjoyed successful careers throughout human history; however, it wasn’t till modern times which comprehensive training programs in the area existed. With specialist instruction, massage therapists will help customers work towards healthier, more comfortable bodies which are spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced. Massage treatment certification is supplied by reputable universities across the U.S.; classes cover new and older massage methods.

Schools teach massage techniques from all over the world. Swedish massage is the most popular, however, classes in acupuncture, chair massage, and deep tissue massage additionally instruct students in methods for helping to cure the body and fix chronic conditions and injuries.

How did historical Massage Therapy Toronto grow into contemporary practices?

1500-3000 BCE

The Chinese produced a few of the earliest texts used when treating disease with massage. Doctors combined their knowledge of medication with techniques of martial arts to create methods which coincided with the religious nature of Buddhism and Taoism. On the opposite side of earth, tomb paintings revealed that the early Egyptians were practicing massage therapy too. Reflexology was developed by the Egyptians around 2500 BCE. They considered that the human body responds to applied pressure in certain areas, including in the toes, ears, and hands on.

Back in India, massage techniques called Ayurveda were passed down through family lines and weren’t written into texts before 1500 BCE. Basics of Ayurveda instruct that if a man is in harmony with natural environment, nature will start to cure her or his body. Ayurveda takes into account all the five senses to attain this equilibrium through processes of aromatherapy and massage.

500CE-1500 BCE

Japanese monks experienced Chinese clinics of massage when learning about Buddhism during visits to China in 1000 BCE. Japanese would later transform what they learned in to shiatsu. By stimulating the energy within the body, shiatsu reinforces the organs and also helps them to be more immune to disease. Shiatsu would turn out to be very well known in the 20th century when Tokujiro Namikoshi coined the term and started a college to educate methods of shiatsu.